Virtual Reality, an Innovative Technological Horizon in Merida

Lift VR Viewer (Photo:

The Yucatan times had the incredible opportunity to talk with inventor and entrepreneur Octavio Gonzalez.

Originally from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. Octavio has been an avid inventor since he was a little boy, repairing home appliances like blenders, radios and computers amongst other things, and even venturing to built a automated three house and a fan with a sensor in the bathroom.

Octavio has been always relentless trying to invent something new and useful. Like most innovators, he´s had a rough path, specially the last couple of years due to numerous reasons. Until recently he decided to move to Merida, after the security and violence were compromised in Monterrey  as the situation of insecurity started to get worse in the northern city.

He came down to the Yucatan with almost nothing but his family and little that he owned, but with a dream in mind.

Octavio, worked for several mass media companies back in Monterrey, and when he arrived to “The White City” he began working for a National radio station, but shortly after he got fired, it was at this time that he began working on a new project.

Mr. Gonzalez told The Yucatan Times that many years ago he had an idea that he later saw was being made real by computer giants like Google and Samsung, it was then that he knew he needed to develop this idea, 3D VR (Virtual Reality) but unlike Google and Samsung, he thought about something affordable for everyone.


Due to the harsh economic situation he lived through, Octavio realized that the invention had to be very low cost.

That way he successfully created an accessory for literally everyone that ownes a smartphone and at the incredible low price of $80 pesos (roughly  5.33 US Dollars). To give you a little more perspective, the current models like the famous Oculus Rift starts at $350 dollars and the samsung Gear VR at $200.

Lift VR Viewer (Photo:
Lift VR Viewer (Photo:

He tells us that the hardest part was getting the money to commence this project. After a lot of sacrifice, he finally kicked up his first prototype, called LiftVr. Created with low cost materials like foam and glass, the little visor has an opening at the back where the cellphone is introduced, and at the bottom it has a orifice for inserting your fingers so you can interact with the games on your phone.


At the TYT Newsroom we got to play and interact a little bit with his model. It came in a plastic bag and it looked like it was a puzzle for toddlers at first. I myself haven’t experimented with the Oculus Rift or the Samsung Gear VR, but this one is definitely more light weight, it´s waterproof, you can dissemble it and packet in your backpack like a jigsaw puzzle and the simplicity of it just baffled me. Octavio explained us that for the time being, so far the app developers have just made games, but in the near future you will be able to “walk” inside your future house, explore places like google´s street view form the comfort of your home and informe yourself form touristic places like Chichen-Itza, and countless other sites.

Octavio Gonzalez Founder of Lift VR (Photo: Facebook)

Octavio Gonzalez currently works with 3D technology mostly but, he is experimenting with Augmented Reality which in terms that we can all understand means that we can receive information from our surroundings, for example., imagine you´re walking down the street and you look at a store and what this technology will allow you to do is to obtain real time information such as phone number, address, Geo location, name of the business, list of items for sale, discounts or specials amongst other things.

This innovation has limitless applications such as tourism, gaming, architectural design, engineering, etc.

Inventor and enterpreneur Octavio Gonzalez is an excellent example to all Mexicans of what you can achieve with creativity, dedication and hard work.

Octavio’s Selfie at the TYT Newsroom (Photo: Facebook)


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