US Citizen Caught in Possession of 6,000 Rounds Of Ammunition

Members of the Ministry of Public Security of the Federal District (SSP-DF) in Mexico City arrested a US citizen carrying ammo along with different weapons inside a vehicle with U.S. license plates, officials stated.


The State Police said in an official press release, that the accused was caught with more than 6,000 rounds of different kinds of ammunition along with several firearms in the trunk of the car and two fuel containers, including a crossbow with a scope.


The events occurred when elements of the Intelligence Bureau, alerted police agents assigned to the Civil Protection Unit, of the presence of a certain vehicle traveling in a suspicious manner and it was impossible to obtain any information since a plate cover was placed to prevent anyone from seeing it. The agents approached the driver and stopped the vehicle, the officers asked the subject to step down to check the car.

The subject was found in possession of plastic bags, backpacks and four cardboard boxes that contained a 9 mm pistol, a 12 gauge Mosseberg shotgun, a scoped crossbow, two jugs with fuel and over 6,365 rounds of 9 mm and 12 gauge as well.

US Citizen Caught in Possession of 6,000 Rounds Of Ammonution (Photo:


The detainee was identified as Stephen Charles Neylon 44, a US citizen from the state of Ohio. When talking to the police, the officers argued that these weapons were to be used for “hunting” purposes and admitted full awareness of the country´s laws regarding high caliber weapons and admitted to be guilty.





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