TYT Team Wish You a Happy Mother’s Day !

Today we celebrate our mothers and that very special bond that exists between mother and child.

As a child grows, it is more often than not the mother who has the greatest influence on forming the kind of person the young child will grow up to be.

The mother will be the first person the child runs to when he or she is hurt or sick or mistreated by others. It is the mother who helps mold the child’s response to both the good and bad things that exist in the world.

She will be the first to celebrate her child’s successes and the first to be there to pick up the pieces when difficulties and struggles take place — always there with exactly what her child needs, young or old — always with the right words to ease the pain or repair a broken heart.

This is not to say that a father doesn’t love his children. Nor that he doesn’t give a great deal of himself to provide for his children. Certainly fathers do.

But nothing compares to the deep personal connection that exists between mother and child.

Even after mothers have raised their children to adulthood, the responsibility of motherhood is far from over. The time comes when mothers must tutor their children as they move into the role of mother or father.

And what can we say about grandmothers? Grandmothers are just that — grand mothers. In other words — mothers with seniority.

Being a mother is a lifelong journey that does not end until she is gone from this earth.

But some people claim that Mother’s Day is nothing but a scam to make money.

In 1914 when American President Wilson proclaimed it as a National Holiday in the United States, it wasn’t long before businesspeople across the country figured the day could be a great way to sell the nation on flowers, cards and other tokens.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that Mother’s Day has to be a Marketing Strategy for companies to make millions of dollars…



Even President Obama got into the spirit of the weekend by calling three women to wish them a Happy Mother’s Day.

The White House released video with excerpts of Obama’s calls to mothers in Minnesota, Arizona, and Florida, praising them for doing the world’s most important job.

I know how tough it is to raise kids and do right by ’em,” the president said at one point.

The mothers Obama spoke to had all written letters to the president in recent months; Obama says he reads ten letters from constituents every night.

One call recipient expressed shock at hearing from the president.

“Hey, this is Barack Obama.”


“Yea, it is.”

“No way.”


(Watch the Video)

The Yucatan Times wishes a Happy Mother’s Day to each and every mother and grandmother for doing the most important job that there is on earth, being a Mother.



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