The Yucatan Peninsula: Architectural Delight

Progreso Malecon House (Photo: Top Mexico Real Estate)

We live in a postmodern world where we are used to seeing it all. Nothing quite surprises us much, anymore, because the world we live in is now a mixture of everything the world has been. And not content with that, we innovate and consider what the future would or should look like, and then we go ahead and build it. So when you find a place like the Yucatan Peninsula, that is a mixture of its history, just like everything else, but still manages to surprise you in many senses…it’s something special.


People don’t tend to dislike anything about the Yucatan Peninsula: the culture, history, food, people, nature, wildlife, and architecture are just a few of the things that leave visitors and locals in awe. The peninsula is rich in vegetation and history, and it offers something exciting for everyone. Its beaches, cenotes, and archeological sites leave everyone longing for their return.


The Yucatan Peninsula, however, and Mexico in general, is only a reflection of its social, political, economic, and historic events. The region is an image of everything it has gone through, from ancient Mayan civilization, to Spanish invasion, French inspiration, to the most modern innovation.


Throughout the beautiful, tropical region, you will find several major cities such as Merida, Valladolid, and Progreso…and within you will find the most beautiful real estate you can imagine.



Paseo de Montejo, Merida, Yucatan. (Photo: Top Mexico Real Estate)
Paseo de Montejo, Merida, Yucatan. (Photo: Top Mexico Real Estate)

Merida is considered the main city of the Yucatan Peninsula. With an array of architectonic styles, this city is eye candy for anyone who’s knees tremble at the sight of beautifully built buildings. Merida real estate features colonial houses, French inspired mansions that adorn Paseo Montejo, modern developments, charming mid-century designs, and much more.


Merida allowed herself to be seduced by Hispanic and indigenous ancestry, by cultures like the French, English, Italian, Mexican, Spanish and American. The mixture of styles results in an exquisite blend of sights – from small colonial houses to big French mansions – that share the same space and offer an insight into the history of the Yucatan culture.


If over simplicity is your style, modern innovation is no stranger to Merida. The north of the city is expanding with nothing but the future, modern comfort, and service in mind.



Downtown Valladolid (Photo: Top Mexico Real Estate)
Downtown Valladolid (Photo: Top Mexico Real Estate)

Located in the southeastern part of the peninsula, lays the gorgeous, colonial city of Valladolid. Cobblestone streets, pastel and bright colors, and a general Spanish-Mayan vibe throughout make this city an authentic reflection of its history. Famous for its Zaci cenote, mouth-watering food, and friendly people, the city rose after the Spanish settled in, building major Haciendas and colonial houses throughout.



The Spanish removed – literally – the Mayan civilization that was settled there to reuse the stones and build the colonial city that we all know today. Unlike Merida, Valladolid real estate is quite similar throughout, and not many options are available when it comes to different styles. However, that is the charm of this city. It’s a typical Spanish city built inland of the gorgeous Mayan jungle. While all modern services are available, it doesn’t lose the beautiful and aesthetic look of a wonderful, old town.


Old haciendas are a project people love to take on. Restoring old mansions, filled with arcs, gardens, and rooms, into hotels, restaurants, businesses or private residences is today’s fashion. And hey, as long as they don’t restore the delightful magical appeal that they offer, it’s all good!



Progreso Malecon House (Photo: Top Mexico Real Estate)
Progreso Malecon House (Photo: Top Mexico Real Estate)

Nestled in the northwest of the peninsula, at the feet of the Gulf of Mexico lays Progreso. This port city is a giant of the fishing and container industries, and a favorite summer escapade destination for Merida residents.


In Progreso stands El Pastel (The Cake), an eclectic, art deco building that resembles a cake. The beautiful structure is unique in this town, as the remaining constructions throughout reflect a much more solid, end of the century architectural style. Progreso wasn’t built until the late 1800s, and didn’t really grow until the mid 1900s. Therefore, most of the Progreso real estate reflects a late 1900s style – simple, reliable constructions, some edging on the more modern side, and others taking from the Spanish era. Because it’s a beach city, they all carry a slight tropical touch keeping true to the typical beach home everybody loves.



Whichever the style, however, Progreso is sure to sweep you off your feet with the beautiful ocean, the tranquil lifestyle, and the mixture of architectonic tastes.



The Yucatan Peninsula doesn’t end or begin with these three great cities. Throughout there are hundreds of beautiful, small towns reflecting styles from the Hispanic ages, but without losing ground of their Mayan roots. What makes Yucatan special is the mixture of cultures that is reflected in every corner and in every person. Explore the architectural styles represented in the Yucatan real estate buildings and enjoy its beauty.



By Thomas Lloyd

Thomas Lloyd

Thomas, from Indiana, is a graduate from the prestigious Krannert School of Management at Purdue University, where he obtained a degree in Administration with the Financial Management option.

He has been working professionally in Mexico since 1995, and in 2011 he was the first person to ever attain a new nationally regulated Real Estate degree and professional identification number for the Country of Mexico.

In 2009 he was voted Realtor of the year, because of his professionalism, attention to customers and knowledge of procedures and the market. Also, he has been active in the real estate community serving on the real estate association’s Honor and Justice Committee.

Thomas founded TOP Mexico Real Estate to help non-Mexicans have an enjoyable and safe experience as they purchase and invest in real estate in Mexico.



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