The World Economic Forum on Latin America returned to Mexico in its 10th edition

Financial resilience, vigorous economic growth and poverty alleviation have characterized the development of most Latin American countries over the past decade. As the region sees the emergence of a larger and more demanding middle class, it is taking important steps to improve the overall living standards of its citizens. The region is rich in human and natural capital, an incubator of innovative businesses and a springboard for social entrepreneurs. Latin America – vibrant, diverse and economically dynamic – is gaining momentum and renewing its commitment to a prosperous future.

To sustain and deepen economic and societal transformation, Latin American leaders must swiftly respond and adapt to the world’s post-crisis dynamics. In this complex global context, important adjustments and structural reforms cannot be postponed, and urgent action is needed to improve institutions and markets; increase productivity and competitiveness; provide access to new opportunities for industries, services, investments and ventures; and identify new actions towards increased social inclusion, sustainable development and overall human progress in the decade to come.

World Economic Forum LatAm 2015

In its 10th year, the World Economic Forum on Latin America returns to Mexico to collaborate in Latin America’s transition to long-term economic growth and social development. Mexico, one of the leading economies in Latin America and current holder of the pro-tempore presidency of the Pacific Alliance, has made advances on a variety of critical reforms – including important changes to education, energy, fiscal and telecommunications legislation – which are already opening new opportunities. The meeting will provide an ideal platform for committed decision-makers to set a bold renovation agenda and take the initiative on the new generation of Latin American investments and transformational projects.




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