“The Fabulous Yucatones” Featuring “The Legendary Yucatones” !

On Sunday, May 31st, at 8pm at Hennessy’s Irish Pub, “The Fabulous Yucatones” will make a Feature Presentation with special guests “The Legendary Yucatones”.

The Fabulous Yucatones were formed by Gary DeRose a member of The Legendary Yucatones, a band very well known throughout Merida and the beach communities for many years, remembered for their eclectic and witty approach.

The Legendary Yucatones ceased to exist when founding member Dan Prescher left Merida for Ecuador 4 years ago.

Legendary Yucatones


Now, the band has been expanded to include the talents of Danny Zane (Bass Guitar), Russ Staines (Lead Guitar), Mauricio Bonfiglio (Drums), David Bloom (Keyboards) and Gary DeRose (Guitar & Harmonica). All are long term professionals from Canada, the U.S. and Argentina. But make no mistake, they consider themselves a Yucatan Band!

The Fabulous Yucatones
The Fabulous Yucatones


Their approach to Rock n’ Roll is still eclectic and still irreverent. But their many years of professional experience, and their level of talent, allow them to bring many diverse musical genres into their wildly varied set list.

They ably handle everything from Classic Rock to New Orleans Swing, from Blues to Country, 60’s British Invasion to American Roots Rock. But if you ask them what their Music is about, they’ll tell you “If you can’t dance to it, we won’t play it”.

Sunday, May 31st, 8pm at Hennessy’s Irish Pub: The Fabulous Yucatones w/special guests The Legendary Yucatones


This coming Sunday will be a very special “must see” show, as Dan and Gary will be reunited for the first time in years, bringing back some of the music from The Legendary Yucatones heyday, and playing on the same bill with The Fabulous Yucatones.

It promises to be one of the year’s most entertaining musical evenings that you do not want to miss!



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