Texas Policeman That Shot Mexican, Exonerated

Ruben Garcia Villalpando with his son (Photo: Google)

The Government of Mexico condemned the decision of the Grand Jury of Tarrant County, Texas, not to press charges against officer Robert Clark, who shot and killed Mexican national Rubén García Villalpando on February 20 in Grapevine County, when he was with his hands up and disarmed.

Through a release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), the Mexican authorities indicated that it respects the U.S. judicial process, but reiterated its call for a review of the protocols of the use of lethal force by the law enforcement agencies.

The above represents a reaction for the repeated fatal incidents of the last few months in prejudice of Mexican citizens.

Ruben Garcia Villalpando
Ruben Garcia Villalpando

The SRE reported that has instructed the embassy in the U.S. to meet as soon as possible with the Civil Rights authorities of the Department of Justice to address this issue.

The Ministry pointed out that the Consulate General in Dallas will continue to provide legal assistance to the family of the deceased in the course of the demand they have submitted for his death.


Source: http://www.eluniversal.com.mx/



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