Mexican Actress Salma Hayek Sets Red Carpet On Fire

On Saturday May 16th, Mexican actress Salma Hayek set on fire the red carpet at the LXVII Cannes Film Festival with a pronounced neckline which did not escape the attention of French media.

Salma Hayek caused a sensation with a daring descending neckline,” expressed Voici magazine on its website.

The Palm for this night was without any contest for Salma Hayek. Her fuchsia dress with a really, really plunging neckline caused a sensation. Le Croisette is still completely shocked,” underlined Ouest France, one of the most important dailies in the country.

Salma paraded by the arm of her husband, French businessman François-Henri Pinault, dressed in violet dress with an amazing cleavage, her lips painted pink and a silver bag.

The actress, who attended the premiere of U.S. film “Carol” was hounded by photographers during her passage through the red carpet that ends at the top of the 24 steps leading to the Palais des Festivals of Cannes.

The actress and filmmaker set fire to the red carpet by the side of her husband, businessman François-Henri Pinault” commented the specialized website Public.

In a sublime violet dress, the 48-year-old star unveiled her dreamy body and especially a quite impressive neckline. Salma has nothing to envy from 20-year-old girls,” added the portal.





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