Man dies after falling 10 floors at “The Country Towers”

A man was unrecognizable after he fell 32 meters from the 10th floor at luxury apartments complex known as “The Country Towers” in Altabrisa, Northern Merida. The tragic incident took place during the afternoon hours of Thursday May 28th.

The construction worker was a marble mason about 30 years old, who was working on the 10th floor of a tower under construction. According to co-workers that witnessed the fall, the now deceased, tried to climb into a loader elevator but he lost his ground.

Country Towers (Photo: Telesur)

Employees at the scene declared they heard the scream of his fellow construction worker as he fell, they realized someone had fell and died, and moments later, people working at the ground floors saw the man lying on the floor in a pool of blood and with the skull completely destroyed.

The body was taken to the Municipal Forensics Facility.

Neither the construction company nor the police officers who attended the scene wanted to talk about the accident. In fact, as it turned out, all the workers immediately left the construction site.


Source: Telesur