Man Brutally Mauled to Death by Bull in Maxcanú, Yucatán

Every year on May 3rd, in the town of Maxcanú, located in the Southern part of the state of Yucatán, a bullfighting event takes place to honor the Holy Cross, but this year the celebration ended up in tragedy.  A local vendor originally from the neighboring state of Campeche, Jose Angel Sanchez, 50, died after being brutally mauled by a bull.


The incident occurred around 7 pm, when the event was just about to begin. As customary, before taking the bullfighting in the arena, vendors of different products entered the ring to offer their products, but apparently Sánchez Cohuó, was distracted and did not hear the bull coming out, so he had no time to get out.

Man Brutally Mauled to Death by Bull in Maxcanú, Yucatán (Photo:


According to the testimony of people that attended the event, Jose Angel tried to run away and jump the fence of the ring, unfortunately the bull caught up with him and violently stabbed him four times in the ribs.

The brutal onslaught left his vowels exposed causing panic amongst the people. Some spectators started to scream trying unsuccessfully to distract the bull. A bullfighter jumped in the ring to aid the victim, but the animal continued mauling Sanchez.

By the time the bull was finally distracted, members of the audience quickly entered the ring and pulled the man out.

Municipal Police officers arrived minutes later with an ambulance and paramedics, but the labors to resuscitate him were useless as Jose Angel Sanchez died on the spot. Hopefully this event will raise more awareness into the dangers of this so called “sport”.