In June, Progreso will become Home Port for Pulmantur Cruise Line

Pullmantur Cruise Liner (Photo: Palco QR)

Puerto Progreso will be, along with Cozumel, home port for Pullmantur Cruise Line starting next June. A ship will sail out of the island to cover a seven day route through the Caribbean, once a week for a period of seven months,” said Barron Ercé Barrera, head of the Port Authority of Quintana Roo (Apiqroo).

The official said that according to information provided by the line Pullmantur, subsidiary of Royal Caribbean, the operations will be particularly aimed to the Latino market, since these routes will not visit any U.S. port and passengers will not be required to submit a visa, seeking to encourage this sector.

Ercé Barron Barrera said that Progreso, Yucatan, will benefit from the arrival of the passengers, since they will have to spend at least one night before leaving on their three or seven day trip through the Caribbean, this will tranlslate in more hotel room occupancy and consumption on local businesses.

Pullmantur Cruise Liner (Photo: Palco QR)
Pullmantur Cruise Liner (Photo: Palco QR)

Barron Barrera also mentioned that the Pullmantur management is currently negotiating that the supply of food, water and fuel can be carried out without depending on other ports.
The head of the Apiqroo concluded saying that during the Annual Convention of the FCCA details will be analyzed to schedule a second period of departures from these Mexican ports, which will greatly benefit both Progreso and Cozumel.