Human Trafficking in Merida’s Airport

Merida International Airport. (File Photo)

MÉRIDA, Yuc.- Criminal Groups have been using the Merida International Airport to transport undocumented people from Central America to the United States.

Authorities from the Migration National Institute (INM) in Yucatan have arrested ten people in the last 30 days. And on Tuesday May 5th, an eleventh subject was detained carrying, just as the other ten, fake IDs and birth certificates.

Most of these undocumented illegal aliens come from Guatemala and El Salvador, and buy false documentation in Mexico in order to travel to the U.S as Mexican tourists“, the federal agency informed.

Five individuals carrying fake IDs were detected and detained here in Yucatán back in 2014,  And now, eleven people have been arrrested in a one month period“.

The person arrested on May 5th came from El Salvador, using the same “modus operandi”: they come into México through the Chiapas – Guatemala border; they obtain fake documentation in Chiapas, and then take a bus to Mérida, to fly from this city to Monterrey and finally, into the United States.

Migration authorities are investigating who is behind this criminal operation, that is turning into a network, and how often are the undocumented people from Central America are being brought to Merida.

“Manuel Cresencio Rejón” International Airport of Mérida (Photo: sipse)


The arrested people are taken to the migration station of the INM in Mérida, where four individuals, including a child who traveled with his mother, are now waiting to be deported back to their countries of origin.

The detainees are filed charges for carrying false documentation; and the fake IDs (with real pictures of these people on them), were seized and sent to the Attorney Generals Office (PGR) for further investigations.

The arrests are the result of operations carried out by the INM in different spots of the state of Yucatán.

At the “Manuel Cresencio Rejón” International Airport of Mérida there’s a permanent inspection, 24 hours a day for flights arriving and departing.


Cuban Immigrants

On the first 3 months of 2015, the Migration National Institute (INM) retained 33 Cuban rafters that were rescued by the Mexican Navy while drifiting ashore off the Yucatán coast. On the last four months of 2014, 32 people from the Antilles were also detained by the INM.

In all cases, the Federal dependency started procedures to establish the migration status of the Cuban people. The Cuban government has no information about these people, what allows Migration, after a procedure, to let go these people.

One of the most recent cases involves 18 cuban rafters that were taken to the INM headquartes in Cancún. This office will follow the process.

Other isolated case was registered on February, during Mérida’s Carnival, when authorities from the INM found two European women taking part of the parade without the proper working permit or legal stay documentation.

Groups considered most vulnerable to human trafficking in Mexico include women and children, indigenous persons, and undocumented migrants.


Source: Sipse