Progreso High Port (Photo: SIPSE)

Houston Community College (HCC), Texas, plans to install a study center for Americans and Mexicans who desire a training program in maritime logistic tasks to export and import cargo at the port of Progreso.

The vice president of the Association of Mérida (SMSA), Ruben Coronado Alcocer, said that this proposal will be coordinated with the Progreso Port Authority (API),  according to Notimex.

He said, “We can meet the goal of achieving human capital by building and handling internationally recognized ports”.

He added that the HCC-for its acronym in English will be responsible for the infrastructure and technology at use in the training program for young people, while the Port of Progreso offers its facilities for students of both nations to carry out their academic activities.

Our representation in Houston makes efforts to bring these two cities together, while the HCC Associate Workforce Development dean, Terry T. Kidd, provides resources to the facility from the school” said Coronado Alcocer.

Progreso High Port (Photo: SIPSE)
Progreso High Port (Photo: SIPSE)

What careers do they offer?

Among the curriculums offered by the Houston Community Colleges, the Specialty Logistics Provider for Global Maritime will be offered to students in Yucatan, in order to establish an academic exchange which happens to be the main highlight of their programs.


During the studies, youth specialize in maritime operations, port management, high-tech providers in transportation, distribution warehouses and docks, as well as their administration,” he said.


He mentioned the importance of the alliance, considering the global projection, would generate a greater economic flow for the region, which would benefit the population with the possible creation of more jobs and better technology.

He explained that the Yucatecan students would have an internationally recognized qualification, as the HCC is the third largest college in the United States, being capable of managing high ports while having the opportunity to work in any country.

He recalled that at present, the Center for Marine Technology Studies (Cetmar) and the College of Science and Technology Studies of the State of Yucatan (Cecitey), have Maritime Port Management and Operations and Logistics and Administration careers.