High Diving World Cup in Cozumel May 8th

Jonathan Paredes (Photo: Sipse)

The color and depth of its waters could make the Island a permanent venue for this event.

Cozumel Q. Roo.- could be considered the permanent site of the High Diving World Cup due to the characteristics of clarity and depth of its waters, this was revealed by representatives of the Mexican Swimming Federation after the conclusion of a meeting with city authorities.

David Callejas, event coordinator of the Mexican Swimming Federation (FMN) said that Cozumel is ideal for events like the Open water Swimming Grand Prix that took place justo a couple of  weeks ago, on Saturday April 25; and the High Diving World Cup that will be held this weekend, due to the success, there is a possibility of repeating the events next year.

The competition, which is selective for the FINA World Swimming Championships Kazan 2015, will be broadcast worldwide to 115 countries members of the International Swimming Federation (FINA).

Mexican High Diver Adriana Jimenez (Photo: Sipse)
Mexican High Diver Adriana Jimenez (Photo: Sipse)

The management staff of sports and representatives of the Navy made a tour to the tower that was built on a pier with a height of 27 meters (88.5 feet high) right next to “Caletita” beach.

High diving platform in Cozumel  (Photo: Gustavo Villegas/SIPSE)
High diving platform in Cozumel (Photo: Gustavo Villegas/SIPSE)

The diving platform is ready and also the area of ​​bleachers for 300 spectators on the bedrock of the coast where hundreds more will attend the event completely free.

9 women and 24 men divers from 15 countries will be present and will seek the glory from 20 meters women (65.61 feet high) and 27 meters men  (88.5 feet high).

With $ 118,000 in prizes from first to eleventh place in both divisions

Jonathan Paredes (Photo: Sipse)
Jonathan Paredes (Photo: Sipse)

Competition schedule

The event program begins on Friday May 8 at 11:00 with the opening ceremony and the presentation of the athletes. 1:00 pm is the start of the first three rounds of the men’s category

The competition will continue on Saturday May 9th at 12:00 with the final of the women’s category and subsequent the award ceremony will be held.

Sunday May 10 at 13:50 pm s scheduled the finals of the men’s category and the awards ceremony at 15:20 pm.

Source: http://sipse.com/novedades/



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