Height Discrimination Got Them Into The Entertainment Business

The visual impression on a person is a highly important asset, when it comes to job interviews more than 60% of the conclusion is based on personal image and confidence, however that´s not all that it takes to be remarkable, and this article tells us about this remarkable group of people.

In Mérida, Yucatan there is group of “small“ people who in lack of job opportunities, discrimination and social insensibility have turned the odds in their favor and started an entertainment show.

These people suffer from growth disorders, commonly known as dwarfism, some of them are young and educated people and are currently searching for other opportunities. Nevertheless, on a recent interview, several members of this “rodeo show“ have claimed to be enjoying their part time job.


We can do many things, we have feet, hands, everything, it’s just a matter of height“, explained Patricia Torres, a midget from Durango who in several years have been working in a factory.

She said that at first she was rejected due her condition, nonetheless, when the owner heard about her case, he decided to give her a shot at the factory. It was until four years later when her sister contacted her with a group of dwarfs in Chihuahua, and she decided to join.

She explained that she is currently satisfied to be in the entertainment business and due to this opportunity she was able to travel all over the country and form a family. She has two kids; the older one who is 9 years old occasionally help her with her show.


Source: http://sipse.com/milenio/



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