Drones, a Growing Industry in Yucatan

The market for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones, is expanding like wildfire in the state Yucatan.

Although national experts assert that the business of this technology its still on its infancy and it will take at least two years to fully develop , it is already being used here in Merida for mapping, professional photography, construction, media and monitoring of mass events.


Emanuel Novelo, CEO of the company “Fotoaerial” said the drones in the state and particularly Mérida, are now going through a “boom”, and several different industries are using these tools in a wide array of forms and applications.

drone view country towers merida
Country Towers Merida drone view (Google)


Currently, the drones in Merida are used in different areas, for example public safety. We have seen them being used to inspect and monitor places like the carnival, the state fair of X’matkuil and other events


Drones are being used to photograph and record concerts and construction sites. The experts considered that “Drone Technology” in Yucatecan universities play an important role as leading subjects for students of Robotics and Programming“.


In other parts of the state, drones are involved in agricultural and livestock projects, allowing to examine the soil and choose better sites for farming“. Novelo added that currently the drones are used by different industries for their own activities, but there are also companies offering external drone services.

Plaza Grande Merida drone view (Google)
Plaza Grande Merida drone view (Google)

Emanuel Novelo explained that the flying of drones is barely monitored, there are only restrictions for “no fly zones” at the airport. “As far as I can confirm there is only one company with its ‘firmware’ restrictions, in particular areas that are government buildings, prisons, and the airport as we previously mentioned“.

He concluded saying that there is now a user registry for unmanned aerial vehicles in the city of Merida, it is being organized through social networks, and these people is seeking to create a group known as “Drones Yucatan“.


Source: www.sipse.com



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