Corona Beer Can Factory and Brewery to be built near Mérida

Beer maker Grupo Modelo has announced it will invest 2.8 billion pesos (US $182 million) in a factory to manufacture aluminum cans in the state of Yucatán.

The firm’s general manager said the plant would provide cans for its new brewery in Yucatán, which was announced in January, as well as its other operations in Mexico and abroad.

The investment will enable Grupo Modelo, best known for Corona beer, to trim production costs and improve competitiveness by providing beer cans at a lower price than it now pays, said Ricardo Tadeu.

The announcement was made at a ceremony with President Peña Nieto, who observed that Mexico is now the sixth largest producer of beer in the world and the No. 1 exporter of the product.

Exports totaled 1.7 billion liters last year, worth more than US $1.6 billion, the president said.

Corona Beer to Built New Can Factory and Brewery in Yucatan (Photo: Mexico News Daily)


The new factory’s capacity of 1 billion cans a year will enable the company to discontinue importing cans from other sources. Both it and the new brewery will be built in the municipality of Hunucmá about 17 kilometers from Mérida and employ more than 500 people.

Both are expected to begin operating in 2017.

The brewery will be Grupo Modelo’s eighth in Mexico.

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