“Cook It Raw” travels into the heart of the Mayan Cuisine

Cook It Raw (http://www.cookitraw.org/) founded by Alessandro Porcelli, is an annual gathering of chefs who explore the world’s many culinary traditions through creativity and collaboration.

The Cook It Raw team travels to the Yucatán to learn more about the art of ancient Mayan cooking, a cuisine using local ingredients and simple techniques that have survived and evolved for thousands of years.

In Maya narrative, the origin of many natural and cultural phenomena is defined by the ritual relationship between mankind and its environment.
The influence of the cosmos was believed to be vital to prosperity, therefore paying homage to the gods was at the very center of the social structure. From the complexity of their cyclical calendar – dictating the agricultural cycle – to the murals depicting food and other offerings to the gods, Mayan mythology connects humanity to the earth in the most elemental way.
This is something that we will discover, explore and incorporate at Cook It Raw: On The Road & Off The Grid.
We will build our program content through experiential methodologies.
The people, products, raw materials, ingredients, music and stories that we encounter in our field trips will shape the direction of our investigation. Our approach to discovery will be structured through three fundamental lenses of cuisine – daily life, ritual and festival – and how they dictate the way the food is express and celebrated in this region.

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