Chinese Entrepreneurs To Invest in Merida For its Safety and Good Quality Services

Local authorities received a delegation of state workers and businessmen from QingdaoChina, who expressed their wish to invest in this part of Mexico because of its “safety and good services”.

According to a City Hall statement, the municipal authorities talked with the Chinese visitors about the benefits of investing in the Yucatecan capital, known “for the good services it offers and its cultural traditions.”

One of the goals is to exploit international relations that would allow activities to develop tourism, urbanism and economy.

Chinese entrepreneurs during a meeting with officials from the City of Merida. (SIPSE)


The approach of the local authorities and Qingdao was made possible by the Latin Chinese Association, headed by the Asian businesswoman Kit Bing Wong Ho, and by the Chinese Association of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Xinan Hui, Secretary of the Communist Party of the People’s Republic of China, noted that they are traveling through the Peninsula to reunite authorities to talk about investment interests.

China is a big producer of parts and accessories for wind and solar energy; and according to the Chinese experts, the Peninsula has huge potential for this industry, shared Xudong Yang, also a member of the Communist Party.


Bi Yi, president of the China Association of the Yucatan Peninsula, said that their countrymen think of Merida as a safe city, appropriate for investment.

The Chinese visitors made a kind invitation to their Yucatecan counterparts to work in these agreements, visit Qingdao, and close the deal there in China.

As Chinese enterpreneurs  and public servants, we were very interested in visiting Merida since we consider the Yucatecan capital a safe and beautiful city. That’s why we included this destination in our business trip, hoping to close a collaboration deal between both places,” concluded the Chinese Delegation spokesperson .





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