American Tourist Attacked with a Chair in Playa del Carmen

“El Tigre” Bar, located on the Tenth Avenue of Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo,  was shut down on Thursday May 28th, after the manager of that establishment hit an American customer with a chair, when the man allegedly refused to pay the bill.

At 2:30 am on Thursday May 28th, local police officers found the 61 year old American tourist, who after a heated argument with the manager, got hit with a chair on top of his head, which caused a bleeding wound.

Bar "El Tigre" being shut down by Municipal authorities (SIPSE)
Bar “El Tigre” being shut down by Municipal authorities (SIPSE)


The victim said the waiters dragged him into the street to avoid problems, but when they were throwing him out, a municipal patrol happened to pass by, stopped to look at the victim and decided to enter the establishment to see what was going on.

el tigre
“El Tigre Bar” Avenue 10 (between Calles 2 and 4), Playa del Carmen (Photo:



The manager  initially denied the facts, but eventually acknowledged that he indeed attacked the tourist for not paying the bill and he got arrested.

The police officers called an ambulance to treat the American Tourist, whose name remains anonymous, and he was finally taken to Playa del Carmen General Hospital.