Universidad Anahuac Mayab 2015 (Photo: anahuacmayab.mx)

The Anahuac Mayab University celebrates its 30th anniversary in Mérida, surrounded by students, teachers, graduates and friends.

Everyone is invited to the celebration in the Anahuac Mayab University, from the new students to the old friends united by years of effort, leadership and friendship.

The opening ceremony took place on August 26th of 2014 with the inauguration of the “Parque TecniA”, an in Campus technological and innovative state of the art building created as a project development facility and business incubator.

The ceremony was presided by Governor Rolando Zapata Bello.

The celebrations were followed by a dancing and acrobatics show, and a special presentation of an original Musical play performed by students and graduates of the Anahuac Mayab University.

TecniA Building (Photo: parquetecnia.com)
TecniA Building (Photo: parquetecnia.com)

On November 15th 2014, this original show “El reencuentro: Musical de musicales” took place at the historic Peón Contreras Theater located on Calle 60, downtown Merida.

The story was about six aspiring artists who sang the most iconic songs of other musicals such as: “Easy as life” from Aida, “Memory” from Cats, The Phantom of the Opera and Jesus Christ Superstar themes among others.

El reencuentro Musical de musicales (Photo: www.anahuacmayab.mx)
El reencuentro Musical de musicales (Photo: www.anahuacmayab.mx)

The celebrations continued, with the “Día Anahuac” (Anahuac Day), on January 21st ;  “Carrera Anahuac” (Anahuac Race), on January 25th; and the “Graduates Reunion” on February 7th, where many ex-students had the opportunity to celebrate and reunite with their old classmates and teachers, sharing all kind of good memories.

Dia Anahuac
Dia Anahuac 2015


The festivities continued on March 20th with “The Playbacks”: a show where the students make personifications of artists and celebrities, wearing amazing costumes and dancing to great choreographies; an event that is now a great tradition for this institution.

Universidad Anahuac del Mayab Playbacks 2015 (Photo: anahuacmayab.mx)
Universidad Anahuac del Mayab Playbacks 2015 (Photo: anahuacmayab.mx)

On Saturday, May 30th an exclusive Gala Dinner will take place at Fiesta Americana Hotel, all students, ex students, teachers, friends and family are invited.


The history 

  • The history of the Mayab University starts on 1984 with Father Carlos Villalba, L.C. as Principal.
    • The University started offering the following careers: Business Administration, Accountancy, Law and Computing on the first year.
    • On the second year, Psychology, Tourism and Communications were added.
    • Currently Anahuac Mayab offers careers such as Multimedia Design, International Business, Industrial Engineering, Medical Surgeon and Religious Sciences.
  • Postgraduate degrees are offered since 1993, originally with Marketing and Senior Management.
  • On 2004 the University joins the Anahuac Universities Net, changing its name from Mayab to Anahuac Mayab University.
  • In 2007 the institution opens  a World Class Television Production facility, creating agreements with local television companies.
  • The University’s Business Incubator Project is created on 2009, winning on 2011 the best Business Incubator in the country.
  • A new Medicine Building is about to open and the University keeps growing every day, gathering students from different states of Mexico and other countries.

The Anahuac Mayab keeps creating spaces to innovate and form future leaders who aim to make a positive change in our society.


M. Tíffany Solís Rosado

Student of International Bussiness of the Anahuac Mayab University



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