Winner Of Mérida’s Debate For Mayor Election

After yesterday’s debate, a poll was conducted by 2b marketing and publicity agency for The Yucatan Times amongst citizens of Mérida, in order to determine what the perception was of who had won the debate. We have to clarify that this poll doesn´t gather neither political preference nor voting intention.

  • The survey was telephone conducted to men and women, over 18 years old with voting credential (IFE/INE) without discrimination by socioeconomic abstract.
  • Each candidate was compared against the other participants, using the same comparison factors and parameters.
  • The formulation used to estimate the sample size was of infinite populations. 750+ calls were made; leaving 471 valid surveys same that were made with a standard error of +/-5% and a confidence interval of 97%, under the assumption of simple random sampling.

Five questions were asked.

  1. Which candidate do you consider addressed the most relevant subjects of interest to the citizens of Merida?
  2. Which candidate submitted more consistent proposals and addressed the most important issues for the city and the inhabitants of Mérida?
  3. Which candidate seemed more credible in their proposals?
  4. Which candidate concentrated more on solving recurrent problems in Merida?
  5. In your opinion, who won the debate?

Although what is sought with this type of exercise between candidates, is to offer the general public concrete proposals and the explanation of how achieve such.  The attacks amongst some of these candidates gave way to the unnecessary rather than genuine, focusing more in the bickering than on what society´s true interest is. Instead of listening about those subjects that could improve quality of life, the debate awakened a morbid type of curiosity.


Winner Of The Debate

Nerio Torres Arcila
Nerio Torres Arcila PRI

Candidate of PRI Nerio Torres Arcila, turned out to be the winner of the debate according to those surveyed, since from their perception, it was the contender who presented the most amount of proposals and seemed congruent to the city and its population. He received constant attacks, however, at all times tried to privilege the debate with well sustained plans which were sensible, structured and accepted by a vast population sector. Torres Arcila was perceived as the candidate who displayed broad mastery of the subject and was well prepared.


Survey result on winner of the debate.
Survey result on winner of the debate.


Ana Rosa Payan
Ana Rosa Payan Movimiento Ciudadano


Ana Rosa Payan comes in a clear second place according to respondents. Her career is remembered by an important sector of the Merida population, particularly those aged 40 and older. She is seen as experienced, eloquent and as someone with the ability to debate because of her knowledge gained as mayor of the city of Mérida twice before.



Vila Looses The Debate.

Mauricio Vila
Mauricio Vila PAN

From the collected results, we can conclude that Candidate Vila Dosal missed the opportunity to become known beyond the PAN party supporters since most of its platform was based on the attack and not much on the discussion or sustained proposals. According to the perception of respondents, he did not submit plans of tangible government, a situation that left him in evidence against his two bigger rivals, Torres Arcila and Payan Cervera both with proven experience. From the numbers collected in the survey, we can interpret that Contender Vila is seen by a large amount of the population as a candidate with small experience on the subject of government, inexperienced but particularly with low positioning in the minds of respondents. He left a profound distaste for his constant attacks.

 If you want to see the complete results of the “perception poll” (in Spanish) click here.


In the following days, The Yucatan Times will be conducting interviews with the candidates and ask them more about their proposals. We cordially invite all our readers to please send your questions for the candidates, and we will make sure they are answered. Please send questions to

Alejandro Azcárate Varela
Content Manager
The Yucatan Times / Newsroom



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