As a consequence of the Chinese economic decline in the last months, the Dollar is trading at an incredible $15.55 pesos, 5 cents more than last week.


According to the Mexican Central Bank, the strength of the Dollar in the last months is due to the notorious decrease of exports from China during March. This increase in the selling point of the Dollar is beneficial for the touristic sector specially in the state of Quintana Roo. But it also has its drawbacks to the National economy, taking about Mexican enterprises conducting businesses in US dollars with multinational companies in foreign markets.


These are good news for Expats living in Mexico though, because the monetary exchange rate is likely to go up.

So if you´re thinking about buying properties or investing in some sector, now is a good time to take advantage of the situation.


Current Exchange Rates:




Banamex Dollar

14.95 pesos

15.55 pesos
Banamex Euro

15.95 pesos

16.34 pesos

Bancomer Dollar

14.67 pesos

15.49 pesos

Bancomer Euro

15.74 pesos

16.41 pesos






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