Requirements and Process of Renouncing U.S. Citizenship

Glen Lee Roberts (Photo:

Did you know that there is a book called “How to Renounce Your U.S. Citizenship in Two Easy Steps“?

It was written by Glen Lee Roberts.

The author writes from a position of unique experience: “That day, June 21, 2013, I had walked into the US Embassy an American Citizen and walked out without any nationality, Stateless: an Earthling.

Roberts brings the requirements and process of renouncing U.S. Citizenship down to earth. He takes the politics, confusion, and fear out of the process. After reading this book you’ll know exactly what you need to do, and how to do it. You’ll also be amazed at how quick and easy it is.

Included are copies of all of the government forms he filed in the process, as well as parts of the U.S. State Department’s Foreign Affairs Manual which expresses the process from the government’s viewpoint. Of course, a copy of his “Certificate of Loss of Nationality of the United States (CLN)” is also included, signed, sealed and stamped by U.S government authorities.

He cannot help you decide if you should renounce your citizenship or not. He takes you through the process so you can exercise your rights if you decide to.

You too, will be able to walk into a U.S. Embassy as an American and leave as a “foreigner”. With one signature, step outside of all the politics and drama associated with the United States. Remember, all rights and privileges and all duties and allegiance you had as an American are gone. You’ve been born again!

Glen Lee Roberts (Photo:
Glen Lee Roberts (Photo:

Why renounce your U.S. Citizenship?

While it seems that a large portion of the world’s population wants to move to the United States and become a citizen there, there is a movement of another kind too.

As throughout the history of the United States, some American’s chose to leave the country and renounce their citizenship. That process based on my personal experiences is straightforward and simple.

One aspect of the process that is completely irrelevant is the question: Why? It is not asked, and if answered not relevant to the process. It is simply your right to renounce, and the choice is yours alone to make.

As a practical matter, everyone that learns of your decision will ask you why! For me, the short answer is simply that “I outgrew the United States.


The long answer would start with something along the lines of: “For roughly 20 years, basically my entire adult life in the United States I was in conflict. My conflict was with every nature of ‘authority’, local, state, corporate, prestigious universities as well as at a federal level including the CIA, the FBI, the U.S. Military and even the President of the United States. The conflict was a result of my perspectives on privacy, surveillance, freedom of information and related topics. Really, it was my expression of my viewpoints on those topics which was the conflict.”

Completing the long answer would return me to that era of conflict and bring the fear and anger back to myself, as well as inflict it on you.



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