Police Brutality on Paseo de Montejo

Police brutality on Pase de Montejo (Photo: YouTube)

Yucatecan Policemen, violate Human Rights

All those videos that have been leaked in the Unites States the last couple of weeks featuring police officers abusing of their authority and violating human rights, have caused controversy in social networks, and unfortunately, Merida is no exception.

On Sunday April 12th, a video uploaded to Facebook created uproar in social networks, it depicts two state troopers of the Ministry of Public Security of Yucatan, punching, kicking and tasing and individual that judging by his looks, is a homeless man.

The video was taken in front of a very well known coffee shop in Paseo de Montejo. The images, which were recorded and published with a cellphone, clearly show a patrol car number 5962.

Police brutality on Pase de Montejo (Photo: YouTube)
Police brutality on Pase de Montejo (Photo: YouTube)

The Ministry of Public Security (SSP) publicly recognized that the rights of the homeless man being arrested by the officers were violated.

And on Monday April 13th, authorities from SSP, officially announced in a press release that the two police officers involved in the incident were removed from their positions. The identities of the policemen are René Roque Alvarez and Jorge Alejandro Aguilar, both of them are no longer part of the SSP.

Source: www.yucatan.com.mx



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