Four months after its launch to the world market an internet application designed to promote attractions in Yucatan through smartphones and other portable devices received a positive review.

“The app is a tool that covers a necessity that was unattended”, their creators Alejandro Ruz and  David Manero Escalante expressed.

Around 6,000 people within the country and abroad already downloaded the app on their smartphones. And almost all of them are frequent users of this information bank.

Alejandro Ruz and David Manero Escalante (Photo: Google)


Some of those who use it are from 59 countries from all the continents, some are from Hungary, China, Japan, New Zealand, Turkey, Switzerland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Iran, UAE, Norway and Russia, among others.

This indicates that there is an increasing interest in Yucatan and that travelers from all over the world wish to have information about our beloved State.

But this also confirms something very important: technology is key, a new and effective mean to compete in the world of tourism, and this importance will continue to increase.

“There are cities and other tourist destinations on the planet which have spent years using this kind of tools to stay in the market or expand their presence there, to retain its number of visitors and attract many more”, Alejandro Manero stated.

“Those competitors are years ahead of us using mobile applications and it is absolutely crucial to start using technology  for tourism promotion in the Yucatan Peninsula and all of Mexico”, he concluded.















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