Mexican students of the IPN, BUAP and the Higher Technological Institute of Poza Rica won nine medals at the Robotchallenge 2015, the most important European robotics tournament held in Austria, where Mexico stood high as the country with more gold medals.


Facing 150 teams from over 40 countries including Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Austria, Russia, Switzerland and China, among others, students of the “Mini Robotic Club” managed to win 1-2-3 place in the category of “Nano Sumo”. The challenge consists of two robot of different teams placed inside a circle like a sumo match and the objective is to push the opponent out of the circle. The robots nicknamed “Quetzalito” “Krieger” and “

Xibalba” won first, second and third place respectively.


With summed result of the three Mexican universities, Mexico was placed on the first place with four gold medals, four silver and one bronze, Italy took the second place with two gold, two silver and one bronze, while in third place tied Russia, Romania and Latvia with two gold, one silver and one bronze.


Robotchallenge is one of the largest competitions of robots self-produced, self-employed and self-sustained that are held annually in Vienna since 2004, and through 14 different categories seeks to challenge people around the world who share an interest in the areas of robotics, computer science, electronics, mechanical and artificial intelligence.


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