Mérida Receives The Most Valuable Relics Of Buddha.

Relics are crystal shaped pearls that were found amongst the remains of the cremation of some teachers of Buddhism (kunm.org)

MERIDA, Yuc.- “The Great Maya World Museum” will host “Maitreya, tour of loving kindness” which includes an exhibition of ancient relics of historical “Siddartha Gautama Buddha” and other relics of Tibet, informed the coordinator of this event, Gabriel Cervantes.

At a press conference, Cervantes said that this is one of the most valuable collections of relics of the Buddha and his son Rahula (who also came to be considered an “enlightened”) and other Buddhist teachers who have already gone through more than 64 countries worldwide and Mérida will be the host.

“This is a unique opportunity to view these relics that were found among the cremation ashes of several teachers and shaped crystals resembling pearls” said to Notimex.

“Buddhists believe that these remains embody the spiritual qualities of compassion and wisdom of the great masters and have been deliberately produced to share their blessings with people”.

The relics are inside transparent glass boxes and can be seen clearly; are placed around a golden life-size statue of Maitreya Buddha and can be seen from April 24 to May 4 at the premises of the “The Great Maya World Museum”

reliquias de Buda
Relics Of Buddha. Photo: http://spanish.china.org.cn/

The head of the exhibition said that during the events, the public will have the opportunity to participate in ceremonies during which the relics will be supported smoothly over the crown of the head, as a kind of personal blessing. He also mentioned that there will be lectures of Buddhist teachers, workshops and a series of Buddhist films, the latter will be presented in the cinemas of Siglo XXI Convention Centre located next to the “The Great Maya World Museum”

Attitude of life

Gabriel Cervantes was accompanied by the teacher and leader of the international organization “One Drop Zen” in Mexico, Enen-Lilian Gómez, who said that this event is open to the public regardless of their religious beliefs.

He also recalled that Buddhism is not only a religion but also an attitude to life, constructed in love towards all forms of life and their codes of ethics and values.

She added that she will give the lecture “The way to a calm heart” and “Women in Buddhism” also promote the practice of Zen Buddhism (Japanese branch of Mahayana Buddhism), which she has promoted for several years in various parts of the country .

Activities will begin the 24th of April and end on May 4th.

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