The victim Marco Antonio Sanchez, was allegedly intoxicated when he entered the water.

A 31-year old tourist, native of the state of Tlaxcala in central Mexico, died last Saturday drowned after being dragged by a 7 feet long crocodile in the Bojorquez Lagoon near Cancun hotel zone.


Eyewitnesses declared that the now deceased Marco Antonio Sánchez Fernández  went swimming after heavily drinking. A few meters away from the sidewalk that is  relatively close to the shore, bathers spotted a crocodile measuring over two meters (7 feet).



After the animal perceived movement, it entered the water. Realizing this, many people who were at the scene and police elements patrolling the area, warned the unnoticed swimmers to come out, but only one of them listened and when the other tried to react, the crocodile pulled him to deeper waters.

Laguna Bojorquez, Cancun (Photo: Google)
Laguna Bojorquez, Cancun (Photo: Google)

The coroner stated that the cause of death was drowning. Although a further forensic examination was performed on the victim it was confirmed that the victim featured wounds of that characteristic to the jaw of a crocodile but, the conclusion was that the injuries before mentioned were not fatal.


It did not eat him, there were no unattached limbs, the body was complete” concluded authorities of the Local Police.





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