Highway Blocked by Fishermen in Campeche

Over 200 thousand fishermen from Atasta, Isla Aguada, Sabancuy, blocked the federal highway Isla Aguada-Sabancuy to demand Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) 507 million pesos as compensation for damage to their fishing equipment and descent in catches on a 30 year period.

On Tuesday April 28, at 10:45 am, the protesters closed the access at the intersection that connects the Federal Highway with the road to Sabancuy using tires, sticks, stones, and jugs with water.

The situation could not be controlled by members of the Federal Police who were only mere witnesses, while the roadblock generated a long line of stranded vehicles.



Julian Canto Sanchez, chief inspector of the Federal Police declared that the incident did not put at risk the lives of protesters or motorists, but it did create a line of vehicles 7 kilometer (4 miles) long.


The fishermen are letting the cars go through just a few at a time, and announced that the roadblock will remain until authorities from PEMEX show up to dialogue and negotiate with them.