Juan Vazquez Montalvo, chief of the UADY meteorological center, confirmed the rumors that have been going around lately in Yucatan.

At the moment, Yucatan is crossing a critical phase of drought “ he said.

The specialist explained that the extremely hot season will be probably prolonged until the end of the month due to meteorological conditions.

In this scenario, Vazquez Montalvo warned: “During these days, solar radiation and extremely hot temperatures will be registered, we are talking about temperatures between 38 and 40 degrees Celsius (100 – 105 ºF)“.

Drought and Scorching Sun in Yucatán (Photo: SIPSE)


The specialist also issued a recommendation to the general population to take the necessary protection measures to prevent skin diseases. To wear light but long clothing, sunblock, hats and umbrellas and also to be constantly hydrated.

The population will perceive a thermal sensation between the 44- 45 degrees Celsius (110 – 113 ºF), the maximum so far has been 40 degrees, but higher tempertures are expected,” he said.

We are expecting this situation to remain for the next couple of weeks“ he assured. “Meanwhile, the moisture in the early morning is predicted to reach 90 to 100% as a result of the prevailing dry weather“.

On the other hand, Vazquez Montalvo explained about the next hurricane season quoting the American specialist, William Gray, from Colorado State University who forecasted a season below the average (11 meteors).

For this occasion, the prediction is seven cyclones, of which three might have the potential to become hurricanes, and one of them could become a number 4 or 5.“ he concluded.


Source: http://sipse.com/milenio/



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