Dogs in my Mother’s Funeral (A True Story)

The lord works in mysterious ways

Margarita Suarez lived for more than 20 years in Colonia Cordemex, northern Merida.

She devoted herself to care for stray dogs and cats, providing them food, shelter and affection.

On early March 2015, Doña Margarita (as was known in the neighborhood), became ill and asked to be taken back to her native Cuernavaca, in the state of Morelos, to recover.

It is important to mention that Morelos, located in Central Mexico, is more or less 1,000 miles northwest from Merida.

Patricia Urrutia Suarez, one of Margarita’s daughters, said her mother took care of street animals for more than two decades.

My mom used to live in Colonia Cordemex, and I live in Ciudad Caucel, so one of my sisters decided to take her back to Cuernavaca for a better recovery. But unfortunatelly, she was too ill, and died 10 days later. ”

The amazing thing was to watch a group of street dogs walking into the funeral home in Cuernavaca, where my mother’s body was laying inside a coffin.

My mom never met the dogs that showed up at her funeral in Cuernavaca. She took care of several dogs and cats in Merida, Yucatan; but never in Cuernavaca, in fact she had not been to her native town for more than 25 years“.

What was going on? Where the dogs came from? Nobody knew… But they were very calm, playful and after a while they just laid down in a respectful manner, and spent all night around the coffin”.

“One of our relatives was asking everybody who was the owner of the dogs, or who brought them, but nobody knew or could explain their presence there”.

“At 3 o´clock in the morning, a bird flew into the funeral home, landed on top of my mother’s coffin,  craned its head to look at the body through the glass cover and then spread its wings and flew away“.

When the sun came up the next morning the dogs left, but incredibly, they returned in the afternoon, just in time for the body cremation, we could not believe our eyes, but we sure felt happy that they were there.

The Lord works in mysterious ways”