Debate Between Candidates for Mayor of Merida

The candidates (Photo: Google)

Despite diverse politics and cultures, countries in all corners of the world have begun to make debates among candidates for president, prime minister, governor and local government a centerpiece of their elections.

Behind this global trend is the belief that debates benefit new democracies in many ways, including helping voters make an informed choice at the ballot box.

The candidates meet in a large hall, before an audience of citizens. The formats of the debates have varied, with questions sometimes posed from one or more journalist moderators and in other cases, from members of the audience.

Debates are usually broadcasted live on television and radio.

The candidates (Photo: Google)
The candidates (Photo: Google)

Now, everything is ready for the debate between candidates for mayor of Mérida, with the same format used in 2012 for the governor election.

The candidates that will participate in this debate are:

Ana Rosa Payan
Ana Rosa Payan


Ana Rosa Payán (Movimiento Ciudadano Party)



Nerio Torres Arcila


Nerio Torres Arcila (PRI)




Mauricio Vila Dosal


Mauricio Vila Dosal (PAN)



The debate will be held on Thursday April 23rd, starting at 12:00 noon; at Merida’s Hotel Presidente Intercontinental, located on the corner of Calle 60 and Avenida Colón; and it will be broadcasted on local TV and through eight different radio stations.

Journalist Antonio García Pérez, Director of SIPSE News Group and Channel 2 Gala TV anchorman, will serve as moderator.

The three topics to be addressed during the debate, according to recommendations of SIEPAC, are:

  1. Society
  2. Economy
  3. Government

Read The Yucatan Times tomorrow afternoon, and find out what is the perception of the Yucatecan society regarding the political proposition of each one of the candidates.


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