Cool environment, good music and excellent company

If you are a foodie and you are willing to share an amazing culinary experience with your family, friends or that special someone that you´re trying to impress, well, this post is for you.

In addition of a cool environment, good music and excellent company  “Coco: Noches de Cuisine“ offers its customers the experience to cook their own gourmet dish with the assistance of a professional gourmet chef.

Coco´s main idea is to promote a friendly atmosphere while their customers improve their cooking skills and share experiences with the rest of the group. So why not adventuring on going alone and make new friends?

For “Noches de Cuisine“, intimacy and personalized attention is highly important, so in order to achieve these qualities, they only offer 12 available seats per session. But don’t be disappointed, you can confirm your assistance to the following contact: 99 93 31 65 64 and participate in one of the four weekly sessions Coco has to offer. (Wednesday – Saturday, 8:30 P.M.).



With the new concept of “cook it, dine it and learn it“ Coco is located in a comfy and intimate house in Calle 17 no. 87 (between 10 and 12) Col. Itzimná.

Each session includes: cooking ingredients, cookware, a drink and the amazing experience of being a chef for a night with the cost of $299 pesos per person.

Coco posts their weekly menu on their Facebook page “Coco: Noches de Cuisine“, and in a solidary spirit, they monthly host an altruist activity called “Cocinando Para Todos“ (Cooking for everyone) which you can be part of, just by getting in touch with them via facebook or by phone.

Their menu offers a variety of high quality dishes like marinated cheese, penne pasta with pomodoro sauce and Ribeye steak with creole potatoes that promise to give you the ultimate gourmet experience.

So, feeling hungry?


by Orlando Pineda-Alarcia

International Business student at Anahuac Mayab University
Foodie and cooking aficionado