Suspenseful moments and panic were lived by the 40 passengers of a bus line that was assaulted on the night of Sunday April 19th, while on a bus trip from Cancun to Merida.


According to preliminary investigations, three men boarded the bus at the stop of the village, Ignacio Zaragoza, at kilometer 80. Apparently two of them were about 30 years and the last one was older. Just a few kilometers before reaching the entrance to Xalau, Chemax, at around 8:30 pm, one of the three men pulled a pistol from his clothes and shot to the air making a hole in the roof of the bus. He said it was an assault and aimed the gun at the bus driver.

The other two robbers walked the aisle to strip the rest of the passengers of cash, jewelry and anything of value. By the time they looted everyone, the assailants forced the driver to stop at the entrance to Xtulín, a town that is located across the road to Xalau. The robbers got out of the bus and ran towards Xalau, which caught the attention of the passengers.


One hour after the robbery, the State Police arrived and started the search for the criminals. On Monday morning, the authorities implemented a strong operation in the area to locate the assailants. Agents from the State police, were divided into groups to search the area. A State Police helicopter flew over the area to inspect the thick forest, as it was suspected that the thieves were on foot, hiding from the authorities in the forest.

Police Officer searching the area (Photo:
Police Officer searching the area (Photo:

Based on the information provided by eyewitnesses from the town of Xalau, the presumed crooks, arrived to the community  three months ago and bought a piece of land in which they built a house. It is believed that a young woman and a girl were living with them.

Xalau residents added that the subjects also bought a ranch located between Xunec and Kantó, and that every 15 days they used to go to the place aboard two trucks, one gray and one green. Locals believe, these men were engaged in criminal activities in several parts of Quintana Roo, and they were using the ranch in Xalau as a safe house.