Grand Canyon National Park (Photo:Photography's Traveling Journal)

The cumulative effort by many around the world and of many years of work is now in the hands of a Utah, USA photographer to take on the next chapter’s adventure.

The “Photography’s Traveling Journal” project, which began from a simple idea and a dream, has been in the hands of a world wide network of profesional photographers and has visited sites around the world including Egypt, Mumbai, Germany, Turkey, France, and now, it comes to archaeological site of Chichen Itza, one of the Seven New Wonders of the World, in the State of Yucatan.

The journal is now in the hands of photographer Ryan Smith who is photographing the book at the Mayan ruins this week.

The Journal’s story has been in media outlets across the country and also featured in other countries around the world, been featured by the Huffington post, and even featured by the Facebook organization recently, highlighting it as a special project on connecting the world through Social Media.

Beyond the increased interest in photography across the world, the story is one of adventure as well as inspiration, believing in a dream and of overcoming obstacles since it was an illness that spurred me to start this project.

Professional photographer Vonda Jensen declares to be very excited to work on this project with photographer Ryan Smith who has now taken the journal to the Mayan ruins of Mexico. This book will be traveling to a new version of “Wonders of the World” and these ancient Mayan Ruins are considered to be just that.

Photographers Vonda Jensen_Michael Shu
Photographers Vonda Jensen_Michael Shu

Both Ryan and Vonda are willing and wanting to share their story, as many who become aware of it leave with motivation to chase their dreams and create opportunities that inspire others.

Ryan is currently in Mexico with the journal for his tour of the ruins and we’d love to share the story in the media while it is down there. Welcome to “Photography’s Traveling Journal”!


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By Vonda Jensen

Founder of Photography’s Traveling Journal