Age and Overweight Among Infertility Facts in Yucatán

Demographic changes, age, overweight and obesity, as well as infections are the main causes of infertility issues in 20 of every 100 couples, according to the vice-president of the Mexican Association of Medicine and Reproduction, Saul Vital Reyes.

Infertility is a problem of reproductive health, important facts are overweight and obesity that promote endocrinal disturbances that diminish the chances of getting pregnant”, he said.

Mérida, Yucatan will be the venue of the 52nd Mexican Congress of reproduction biology. It will take place on July 15th through the 18th, with the participation of 450 health professionals that will debate about the main reproductive problems.

Doctor Saul Vital Reyes (Photo:
Doctor Saul Vital Reyes (Photo:

Vital Reyes explained that the reproductive medicine have revolutionized several gynecology and obstetrics studies, the real challenge is to create homogeneous treatments for women’s whole reproductive life cycle; infertility specifically.

The congress intention is to inform and create homogenous criteria among the reproductive area specialists.” He explained.

In recent years, this specialty has been enriched with growing knowledge and more complex technology, therefore academic and social activities between specialists are crucial for a medical improvement in the area”, Vital Reyes concluded.




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