Governor Rolando Zapata attended the ceremony (Photo: sipse)

As a result of the state government’s efforts to make Yucatan a fertile environment for conducting business, Group Kekén dispatched its first shipment to Hong Kong, consisting of 21,500 thousand kilograms of processed foods.

At a ceremony conducted on the company’s loading area, Governor Rolando Zapata Bello said that this ground-breaking achievement is due to the synergies that exist between the authorities and the private sector, giving entrepreneurs the confidence to make large scale trades.

“Investments can now be made thanks the business climate, infrastructure, and human capital, making it profitable to invest in Yucatán. These are the conditions we have sought to improve “ he said.

Gilberto Utiz Pech, mayor of Uman (where the facilities are located), noted that with these strategies, the state can expand its range of markets and open trade routes, human capital and Yucatecan talent.

The president of the Business Coordinating Council, Nicolas Madáhuar Boehm, noted that due to the joint efforts between government and private enterprise, Yucatán now ranks fifth in the nation in pork production, due largely to Kekén’s local agribusiness.

Governor Rolando Zapata attended the ceremony (Photo: sipse)
Governor Rolando Zapata attended the ceremony (Photo: sipse)

Investment in Yucatán

In the past two years, the firm has invested over 1.5 billion pesos in Yucatan to expand its capacity, and between 2015 and 2019 expects to double its current production with a further investment of 4.5 billion pesos at an annual rate of 900 million pesos.

Kekén’s Export Manager, Luis Alberto Monarres Miranda, said that this will  increase shipments abroad by 15 percent, representing 33,500 tonnes of product in 600,000 containers.

He added that in 2014 the company sent 29,250 tons of goods worth 130 million dollars to Japan, Korea, the United States, and Canada.

In 2011, he said, Kekén Group received the National Export Award from the Mexican Council of Foreign Trade and the Ministry of Economy.  From 2009 to 2014 it has tripled the volume of shipments to other countries.

The Managing Director Kekén, Novelo Gabriel Rosado, said the company has invested 296 million pesos, allowing a production capacity of 27,000 pigs per month, equivalent to 140,000 tonnes of meat per year.

At the end of the formal ceremony, the Governor gave the starting signal to the first export shipment worth 50,000 million pesos, resulting from the agreements reached during the visit of the state executive for China, in October 2014.

Attending the event: The manager of the Office of the Governor, Eric Rubio Barthell; the delegate of the Ministry of Economy, Adolfo Pérez Peniche; manager Kekén Processing Plants, Irving Ramirez Mejia and commercial director of the firm, Jorge Richaud Vignaud.