It is the fourth time this occurs this year; the others were in January and February.

Progreso Yucatán.- Mexican Navy officers assigned to the Ninth Naval District provided help to 15 Cubans who were spotted by a fishing vessel near the Yucatan coast.

The Port of Yucalpetén received a call from the fishing vessel “Gold Fish” informing authorities that they had spotted a homemade catamaran with 15 people on board (12 men and 3 women) of Cuban origin, approximately 30 nautical miles (about 55 km) northeast of Progreso.

Cuban homemade catamaran (Photo:


The Navy sent a Patrol Interceptor to the catamaran, where the 15 Cuban citizens were awaiting rescue. The ship then returned to the Ninth Naval District headquarters where the Cubans were examined by medical personnel.  They were later handed over to the authorities of the National Migration Institute.

This is the fourth detention this year of Cuban dissidents:

– On January 9, municipal police arrested eight Cubans who were walking the streets of Progreso after evading maritime and port authorities.

– On February 7, 18 Cubans were rescued near the coast of Yucatan adrift aboard a homemade boat.

– On March Sunday 15 the Mexican Navy rescued five Cubans who were lost in the ocean on a recreational boat.