Two Mexican women traveled on the German Wings flight: SRE

The Ministry of Foreign Relations (SRE) confirmed two Mexican victims among the 150 fatalities of the German Wings airplane that crashed on the French Alps, this past Tuesday 25th.
The victims’ names are Daniela Ayón Razo and Dora Isela Salas Vázquez, while Carlos Milla Masana, whose name was on the Mexican passengers list was confirmed to be a Spaniard married to a Mexican woman from the state of Hidalgo.


On a statement, the authorities affirmed that the search for the bodies on the site of the accident will continue. Once the bodies (or the remains) are found, they will be identified with a DNA test, delivered to their families and returned to their country of origin.

mexican victims of plane crash
Daniela Ayón Razo and Dora Isela Salas Vázquez (Photo: El Financiero)

Jean Chabre, honorary Mexican Consul in the south of France was near the region at the moment of the tragedy. He provided support to the local authorities in location and supervised the transfer of the remains.

map crash
Plane Route (Image: ABC News)


The Mexican Chancellery will take responsibility on the repatriation of the bodies, as demanded by their relatives.

The Ministry of Foreign Relations expresses their deep sorrow to the family and friends of the Mexicans on board of the airplane traveling from Barcelona to Dusseldorf” said the SRE press release.

They added that the Mexican consulate authorities represented on Spain and France have maintained contact with the government officials of these countries ever since the first moment of the accident to keep the Mexican passengers’ relatives informed.