Antonio 'Abuelo' Oxté and x'men Damiana Chan Mukul with Eric Rubio Barthell (Photo: SIPSE)

MÉRIDA, Yuc.- Alma Rosa Dzul Hau, midwife, and Damiana Chan Kumul, x’men (healer), Mayan people from Sisbichen, Chemax, were selected by the Barefoot College of India to travel to this country with a scholarship, supported by the Indian government to learn about solar engineering as part of a program that supports 64 countries. To the date this program has helped more than 1,100 women.

In this occasion, they will create solutions through education to obtain solar energy and clean water. They will empower this sector and be a change agent in their community as a result.

Antonio (AKA “el abuelo” or “the grandfather”) Oxte, representative of the civil association “Jardines del colibrí dorado” (Golden Hummingbird Gardens Association) and the x’men Chan Kumul made a visit to Palacio de Gobierno, where the chief of the governor’s office, Eric Rubio Barthell, shared the congratulations from the governor, Rolando Zapata Bello, to both ladies that are now the face of the effort and dedication of the Yucatecan women.

Because they are mothers and leaders in their communities, but also because they accepted with courage the invitation to train themselves, living for six months in India, where they will show their vocation of service and their ancestral knowledge, also sharing the traditions and culture of the Mayan” said Rubio Barthell.

Antonio 'Abuelo' Oxté and x'men Damiana Chan Mukul with Eric Rubio Barthell (Photo: SIPSE)
Antonio ‘Abuelo’ Oxté and x’men Damiana Chan Mukul with Eric Rubio Barthell (Photo: SIPSE)

On the meeting, in the executive’s headquarters, Rubio Barthell highlighted the relevant role and the great input of the Mayan women to the family circle and society. Together with the international community interest to support clean energy projects, this initiative will surely result in a great benefit for Sisbichen and other Mayan towns.

He noted the support from the State Government to make the necessary arrangements with the Exterior Relations Secretary (SRE) and the Development of Mayan Culture Institute (Indemaya).

The agreement states that the new technologies Dzul Hau and Chan Kumul will learn in their training will be shared with as many mayan communities as possible once they are back in Yucatan.

The Barefoot College nongovernmental organization has more than 40 years of experience sharing basic services and solutions to the problems in rural locations throughout the world, aiming to help them to become self-sufficient and sustainable.




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