We all know Spring Break is, if not the best, the biggest party bash of them all not only for millions of North American High School and College students, but for people from all over the world that travel great distances to visit places such as, Cancun, Dubai, Costa Rica, Cozumel, Miami, and many more exotic sites around the globe.


But how does this all take place?

Social Media groups like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram take part in massively promoting the events every year, incorporating them into a “look what we did last year,… now imagine this year” type of view for the public.

Obviously this brings tons of views and likes to the ads, web pages and groups overall.

News show that besides American and Canadian kids, thousands of Southamericans are interested in arriving for this 2015 Spring Break as well.

Many of these Southern Latinos are attracted precisely by the great number of young people from North America arriving to Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel and the Mayan Riviera.

In the Riviera Maya, the beaches are full of foreign tourists who come to enjoy the Mexican shores, bringing profit to the local business establishments.

Talking about Playa del Carmen,  the main street of this destination, known as 5th Ave., is densely populated throughout the day, alive and crazy during the night.

Spring Break 2014 in Cancun (Photo: Google)


World Class DJ’s and recording artists will be performing this March in Cancun at clubs such as “The City Cancun” and “Daddy O’s”:

  • 3LAU on the 15th
  • Borgeous on the 18th
  • 2 Chainz on the 19th
  • Firebeatz on the 22nd
  • Lil John on the 31st

These are just some of the Events for this 2015 that will exceed the expectations of the travelers.

Lil Jon (billboard.com)
Lil Jon (billboard.com)

Operation Spring Break will be active throughout March with high quality entertainment, providing the ideal conditions to party hard in a safe environment.

Have an unforgettable experience, and prepare to live life to the fullest in beautiful Quintana Roo!


By John R. Ortega

Student of International Business (Universidad Anahuac Mayab)



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