Once again, “Narcos” in Mérida

Calle 18 (between 15-A and 17) Colonia Maya (Photo: Sipse)

In less than a month, special forces of the Federal Police arrived to Mérida on a special mission looking for individuals linked to organized crime.

Agents of the Federal Police and personnel  of the Mexican Navy deploy a Special Operation Mission to arrest a woman linked to the “Caballeros Templarios” (Knights Templar) Michoacán’s drug cartel.

However, unlike the two previous occasions when Flavio Gómez Martínez, brother of Servando Gómez “La Tuta” and the leader of the Independent Cartel of Acapulco, Victor Aguirre Garzón “El Gordo“, were captured; this time the wanted woman, Bertha Alicia López Sánchez, escaped.

Calle 18 (between 15-A and 17) Colonia Maya (Photo: Sipse)
Calle 18 (between 15-A and 17) Colonia Maya (Photo: Sipse)

The operation was carried out around on Friday March 20th, around nine o’clock in the morning , when agents of the Federal Police and the Navy of Mexico raided a building under construction located on number 552 of Calle 18 (between 15-A and 17), Colonia Maya, near the Altabrisa area, in the north of Merida, where they found five construction workers, who were retained 30 minutes for questioning on the whereabouts of the owner of the property. These individuals said they had no contact with her for a week.

The Federal Agents conducted a search in the property and found a laptop computer and documents.

Finally, the Special Forces Operation Crew retreated proceeded to secure the property with stamps with the number 052/2015 of the SIEDO PGR (Procuraduría General de la República).

Building under construction located on number 552 of Calle 18 (between 15-A and 17), Colonia Maya, near the Altabrisa area (Photo: Sipse)


Bertha López Sánchez, from Michoacán, is presumably linked to the Knights Templar Drug Cartel, and an alleged collaborator of Servando Gómez “La Tuta” and his brother Flavio Gómez.


Source: http://sipse.com/milenio/



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