Mother of recently arrested drug lord “La Tuta” living in Mérida

House where La Tuta's brother was arrested in Paraíso Maya (Photo: Sipse)

MÉRIDA, Yuc.- Some days after the detention in Merida of Flavio Gómez, brother of the leader of  Drug Cartel, Los Caballeros Templarios “La Tuta”, now it has been revealed that their mother is also located in this city.

Even though it is unknown if this woman is still living in Merida after their sons’ arrest, the federal authorities confirmed that until some days ago, she was living a peaceful life in this capital, without any problems with the police.

In fact, according to the information shared by national media, “La Tuta’s” mother used to attend the main malls in Merida, eat in trendy restaurants and visit beauty salons to fix her hair and nails.

The presence of Servando Gómez’ Mother in Merida was revealed by Alejandro Monte Rubido Garcia, commissioner of National Security, who said that: “paradoxically, she came to Merida because its prevailing security allowed her to have a peaceful life, far from the dangers she could have faced in other cities due to her relationship with the drug trafficker”.

Property where La Tuta's brother was arrested in Paraíso Maya (Photo: Sipse)
House where La Tuta’s brother was arrested in Paraíso Maya (Photo: Sipse)

Rubido García underlined that this was the very same reason why Flavio Gomez lived here too, and that he established the financial center of the organization led by his brother in this city.

La Tuta’s mother and brother were in Merida because it is truly the safest city in Mexico.” repeated the official in an interview with Mexican radio and TV host Joaquin Lopez Dóriga.

The Federal Police located La Tuta’s mother in Merida and then the criminal and his brother Flavio, tracing the telephone calls between them. According to Montes Rubido, these most wanted drug dealers usually avoid getting located by buying prepaid cellphones every two or three days.

As published on The Yucatan Times, the leader’s brother was arrested on Friday February 27th in the Yucatecan capital, where he was living for the last 8 monnths totally unnoticed.

Flavio Gomez organized crime activities were related with the financial management of the cartel, and not with drug selling or other crimes, because his intention was to keep a low profile while residing in Merida.

According to the Federal Police, Merida was Los Caballeros Templarios’ financial center: Flavio managed the organization’s economic resources by transferring and laundring money from his Merida headquarters.

Gomez Martinez lived in Colonia Paraiso Maya, just a couple of miles away from the Altabrisa shopping mall, and it is speculated that his mother lived in the same neighborhood.