Mexico’s Circus Animals Ban: Prevents or Generates Animal Cruelty?

As we previously informed in The Yucatan Times, Mexico´s Green Party (Partido Verde) an ecology awareness political alternative passed a Law at the House of Representatives (Cámara de Diputados) which forbid the use of animals as part of Circus attractions.

Mexican lawmakers voted by an overwhelming majority to amend the existing General Wildlife Act to stipulate that the use of specimens of wildlife in circuses shall be prohibited


But, they did not include within the Party´s Law Proposal policies as of what to do with the animals and there are as many as four thousand of them that have nowhere to be left in good care, according to Alberto Hernández, from Aldama Zoo, in the northern state of Chihuahua.

Hernandez declared that “sending them to their “natural habitat” would be an execution of sorts, since they are not fit to survive in what should be their natural surroundings“.

He also said he has been offered some animals for Aldama Zoo, but he said that due to the financial crisis it´s almost impossible to afford having more animals in the zoo.

Alberto Hernández, from Aldama Zoo, Chihuahua, Mexico (Photo: Facebook)

The prohibition does not take effect until July 8, but many circuses have already shut down.

The legislation stipulates that these wild animals should be taken back to their natural habitat, but that is totally out of the question for African and Asian species, and as pointed out before, the animals would not be able to survive in a wild environment since most of them were raised in captivity by humans.

On the other hand, circus owners say the law does little to protect animals already working in circuses and says nothing about bullfighting, which is still legal in Mexico, as is cock-fighting.

Source: El Cactus News



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