Merida Metropolitan Circuit Bus Drivers in Training

Merida Bus Drivers in Training

As part of Merida’s Integrated Urban Transport System (Situr), a training course for Metropolitan Circuit route bus drivers began Tuesday March 17th.

The State Directorate of Transport (Direccion de Transporte del Estado de Yucatan) is currently training a total of 90 drivers from different bus companies, as part of phase one of the Integrated Urban Transport (Situr).

The operators of the 40 new units will be trained in groups of 30 people for three days.

The Director of Transportation of the State of Yucatán Humberto Hevia Jimenez stated that an awareness campaign for citizens will also be held, in order to announce the new relocation of bus stops throughout the city.

The project establishes that stops will no longer be on every corner, but from a distance of 200 – 300 meters from one another, depending of the route.

The training course is taking place in the auditorium of the Police Academy “Luis Sotelo Regil” located on “Periférico” next to the  Merida-Uman bridge.

Merida Bus Drivers in Training
Merida Bus Drivers in Training (Photo: Sipse)