International Mixed Martial Arts Superstar Wim Deputter in Yucatan

Brazilian black belt, Wim Deputter, also Academy Trainer from Brasa Belgium, visited the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula and gave out seminars in many different spots.

Some of these spots include training facilities such as Arena Training Center, Brasa BJJ Pinos, and Brasa Campeche in the city of Campeche.

Wim´s goal was to teach and show specific grappling techniques your opponent with a much safer handle and grip over him. We also went through certain takedowns, and perfected the single leg takedown grip.

In these technique’s, Wim was very detailed and observant due to the number of participants that showed at the seminars.

Wim Deputter making a demonstration (Photo: John Ortega)
Wim Deputter making a demonstration (Photo: John Ortega)
John Ortega, Wim Deputter and Javier Pat (Photo: Dojo Merida)














Mixed Martial Arts Seminar Attendants (Photo: John Ortega)





We are really looking forward to see Wim again, for he is a leader in our organization, he is a master in his own area, and has developed an amazing fighting style worth getting a taste of”, (John Ortega).


by John Robert Ortega Lee

Student of International Business at Universidad Anahuac Mayab