How to become a millionaire in Mexico

In Grupo Scorpio we work with International Business around the globe . We have been conducting International Business in Mexico for decades.

You can become a Millionaire in Mexico following these suggestions :

  • Skills, Contacts & Guts.  Skills/ Do your homework & get as much knowledge as possible in the areas you are conducting business so you don’t have to depend on other people. Contacts/ Networking will get you the right people towards closing a perfect deal. Sometimes it is not what you know but who you know. Guts/ You might have skills & contacts but you will also need guts in order to make things happen.


  • Common Sense & Judgment. Try to get to the point of what you are trying to accomplish. Even the more complex business deals can become easy. It is important to be confident of what you are doing . Don’t get lost in the details.


  • Immediate Response Capacity. Every person in charge might have general knowledge about their business but you will never know it all. Make sure you know who to go to & who to consult with when facing an obstacle . Keep moving forward. Surround yourself with the right experts.


  • Negotiation. It is always like being at the bazar. Learn how to get more for what you are selling and how to pay less for what you are buying.


  • Making a Decision. Get all the necessary details of the deal you are working on. If doable make your move fast . Get set, ready & go. Just do it ! Don’t wait for anybody else. It is always better to say ‘ I am sorry’ than asking for permission. Don’t talk the talk. Walk the walk.


  • Buy & Sell. Always sell when they want to buy from you & always buy when they are selling to you.


  • Pretend to be Naïve. Play to be a sheep. This will put their guard down . Don’t pretend to be a shark. Don’t you ever show your game. Be a good poker player.


  • Tell people what to do. You will be amazed to learn that many people will do as they are told to . Try it and see what happens.


  • Sell yourself. When you are conducting business you are selling yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are selling washing machines, cars, homes or corporations. If people like you they will buy from you.


  • Profit. There are many important topics when working with international business. Delivery, Quality, Price, Image, Costs, etc. Remember the most important one. Making a profit.


It will always be crucial to conduct a due diligence before closing a deal.  Always take in consideration key factors like cash flow, assets, debt, revenue, credit scores, financials and tax returns. Be ahead in the game and just make it happen.

In Grupo Scorpio we are ready to provide you with assistance to become the next Millionare conducting business in Mexico. Looking forward to hear from you.


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