Dreamworks Animation New Jersey Theme Park 2014 (Photo: Dreamworks)

“La Fundación para La Inversión de la Riviera Maya” (Foundation for Investment in the Riviera Maya), confirmed progress in the negotiations to build an amusement park designed by DreamWorks Studio at Punta Maroma (near Playa del Carmen)

Wilberth Gutierrez Alvarez, leader of the foundation, stated that the park would be developed in a 10 hectares area, the only available information about the park.

“The project will be led by an important group of Mexican investors, among them, Carlos Peralta, Fernando Chico Pardo y Angel Rodriguez”, he said.

Dreamworks Animation New Jersey Theme Park 2014 (Photo: Dreamworks)
Dreamworks Animation New Jersey Theme Park 2014 (Photo: Dreamworks)

Sources from the United States revealed that the Riviera Maya park will resemble American Dream park, located near New York and will include attractions like Shrek, Antz, Shark Tale, Puss in Boots, and Madagascar.

It will also include aquatic attractions, theaters, restaurants and commercial spaces. The dining spots and shopping areas will incorporate themes of the above characters.


Gutierrez Alvarez said that the investors are cautious about revealing details about the project, which will be officially announced in the next few months.

Several leaks have suggested that the project will have municipal and even federal support, specifically from the Tourism Secretary, Claudia Ruiz Massieu, who would be the first one of the park construction notified by the founder and producer of the animation studio, Jeffrey Katzenberg.


Source: http://eleconomista.com.mx/