Don’t know what to do in Semana Santa? Take a bus trip to Valladolid!

ADO will offer Tourist Package to Valladolid

The transportation company “Autobuses de Oriente” (ADO) is offering a tourist package for Valladolid to attract more visitors to the city.

According to Noe Rodriguez, the community chief of tourism, passengers will depart from Merida and their tickets will include transportation, tours and meals.

ADO will be selling tickets at the Merida terminal at a cost of $700 pesos per passenger. The tour will include both of the “pueblos magicos” in Yucatan, Izamal and Valladolid.

The first stop would be Izamal, followed by Valladolid at noon, where they would dine in a local restaurant.

For the time being, the meal would be at the Cenote Zaci, but restaurant owners are invited to participate in the project and coordinate visits to their dining rooms.


At first the tours will arrive from Merida, but there’s a short-term initiative to include Playa del Carmen as a new center. Additionally the passengers could stay overnight at the city’s hotels.

According to Noe Rodriguez, it will be necessary to arrange a meeting between ADO and the local hotel owners, so they can be made aware of the packages and create a mutually beneficial arragement.